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Infrastructure migration

Completed 15 Oct at 03:00pm CEST.

Frontend API - v5 API - v3 Discord Integration

Maintenance completed

Posted 15 Oct at 03:00pm CEST.

WLS.GG is up again, you might still miss some events in your "my events" menu but this is only a visual glitch, we are working on it.

Posted 15 Oct at 01:54pm CEST.

We caught an issue during the migration process we did not see during our tests.
The maintenance will be prolonged for 3hours.

Posted 15 Oct at 12:20pm CEST.

We are migrating the entire platform to our new infrastructure.
WLS.GG and all related services are going to be down from 9 AM to 12 PM CEST (3 hours of downtime) on sunday 15th.
During this time, you won't be able to access the website and the client won't work.

Posted 15 Oct at 09:00am CEST.